Carers, like anyone else, need time off for a number of reasons, such as holidays, sickness, illness recovery time and quite simply to have a well-earned break. As a carer you can have peace of mind knowing that we will take very good care of your responsibilities while you do what you need to do. Respite care may be beneficial after a change in care level or after hospitalisation to allow time for arrangements to be made to manage future care needs.

Respite residents have a wonderful time reconnecting with old friends, traditions and enjoying Latvian cuisine.

Markets at the Latvian Hostel. Tirdziņš Latviešu Ciemā. Sing-along Evening at the Latvian Nursing Home. Krodziņa vakars at Latviešu Ciema iemītniekiem. Activities at the Latvian Village. Aktivitātes Latviešu Ciemā.






Our 15 bed dementia care wing (North Wing) provides specialised care to positively support residents living with dementia. Activities are tailored to provide specialised programs in a secure environment within the facility.

Our North Wing has its own day room with access to a secure outdoor area where residents can enjoy a stroll in the garden, time sitting outside enjoying the sunshine or assist in maintaining the garden beds.

The lifestyle program for the memory unit has been specially tailored by our trained staff to meet each residents’ specific needs and abilities. Here residents can enjoy group activities such as singing and exercises, a walk in the secure garden, as well as sensory and individual activities. Residents from this unit are also encouraged to attend general activities and events when appropriate.

Dementia Wing at the Latvian Hostel.

One of the residents of the Latvian Nursing Home. Ciema iemītniece. Activities at the Latvian Nursing Home. Aktivitātes Latviešu Ciemā.







The Latvian Aged Care Facility provides a wide range of activities that cater to differing needs, abilities and interests. Some activities include sing alongs, happy hours, meditation, concerts, exercises, bingo, board games and reading to name a few. Cultural events are often run in the hall which are well attended by facility and village residents as well as outside visitors. Lifestyle staff provide both group and individualised engagement and encourage the participation of all residents at the facility.

Spiritual needs play a central role of the Lifestyle program. There is a beautiful chapel which can be accessed by residents at any time for a moment of quiet prayer or reflection. Church services are run by the Latvian pastor twice a month as well as bible studies once a month. Lifestyle staff can also provide guidance and support to residents and help them to feel valued and respected in their care environment.

The Latvian Aged Care Facility endeavours to listen to and act upon the Lifestyle needs of each resident at the facility. The Lifestyle program is robust and ever adapting to changing needs and new ideas. If you would like receive our monthly events calendar via email or have any enquiries, please call or email the facility.

Bingo with the Latvian Village residents. Bingo ar Latviešu Ciema iemītniekiem.

Novuss tournaments at the Latvian Village. Novusa turnīrs Latviešu Ciemā. Church at the Latvian Village. Baznīca Latviešu Ciemā.







There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes from making a difference to people in your community.

Volunteering is one of the most generous gifts you can give and offers many other rewards too. You can learn new skills, gain valuable experience, meet new people and make new friends. Volunteering can range from being as simple as sharing a coffee and a chat to accompanying some-one to a medical appointment, shopping or other special event.

If you have time to volunteer at the Latvian Retirement Village please contact us on 03 9800 2977 during business hours.

One of our volunteers at the Latvian Village. Viena no mūsu brīvprātīgām strādniecēm Latviešu Ciemā. Latviešu Ciema Talcinieces.